Records of the trees in the main orchard are kept – flowering times, fruit attributes, growth habit etc., and will be a valuable resource for the future.

As well as maintaining the nation’s collection of perry pears, the Centre also publishes research manuals and undertakes fruit trials and other investigations.

Perry pear research papers on DNA, fruit flowering times and other topics can be found on our Research pages

The Trust is also carrying out research into red fleshed pears, some of which can make a pink perry, and Turgovian pears.  John Evelyn, recorded in his Pomona of 1670, that he had some years earlier asked whether those in other European countries could send him scions of fruit they had found to produce excellent perry. In March 1658 Dr John Pell, at that time ambassador to the Swiss Cantons, suggested the Turgovian pear.

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Red Fleshed Pears and In search of the Turgovian Pear