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Gloucestershire Pomona Series:

Published by Hartpury Heritage Trust in association with Gloucestershire Orchard Trust

Pears of Gloucestershire and Perry Pears of the Three Counties


by Charles Martell (2013)
Volume 1 of the Gloucestershire Pomona series ISBN: 978-0-9927394-0-9
Hardback £33.50
Softback £23.50 Buy Now

Description and colour photographs of the varieties in the National collection (209pp + index)

Native Apples of Gloucestershire


by Charles Martell (2014)
Volume 3 of the Gloucestershire Pomona series
ISBN: 978-0-9927394-1-6
Hardback £43.50
Softback £23.50
Description and colour photographs of the varieties in the Gloucestershire collection (242pp + index) Buy Now

Native Plums (Prunus) of Gloucestershire



by Charles Martell (2018)
Volume 4 of the Gloucestershire Pomona Series
ISBN: 978-0-9927394-4-7
Hardback  £27.50
Softback  £17.50

Description and colour photographs of most of the Prunus varieties kept at Hunt’s Court, Dymock.



Orchard related publications:

100_4357Memories of Life as an Itinerant
by Martin Hayes (2016) ISBN: 978-0-9927394-2-3
Softback £10.00

Drawing on his personal experiences as an itinerant, Martin describes life on the road and work in the field, providing a highly colourful description of a rapidly changing countryside (54pp)Buy Now




100_4358Orchards – those other industries
by Jim Chapman (2016) ISBN: 978-0-9927394-3-0
Softback £8.00

Jim briefly considers how the availability of transport and a market, the mill and press and the development of the glass bottle have supported orchards and affected the choice of fruit grown (pp35)Buy Now

The following are also available at the Orchard Centre or at Hartpury Church (without the postage charge):

100_4355Milestones (2003)  £4.00  ISBN: 0-9538968-3-8
28 page booklet with photos and details of all milestones found on four routes from GloucesterBuy Now



100_4364Bee Shelter pack: £4.00
The Bee Shelter at Hartpury (24 page booklet) of history and restoration
Bee Shelter leaflet
Bee Shelter postcardBuy Now


100_4354Leaflet pack: £3.00

The Manor at Hartpury
The Dominican Nuns
Explore a corner of north-west GloucestershireBuy Now


100_4359Hartpury Orchard pack: £2.00

Hartpury Orchard Trail leaflet
Perry Pear leafletBuy Now



100_4368Church Guide pack: £4.00
Guide book
Churchyard Trail leafletBuy Now