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Gloucestershire Pomona Series:

Published by Hartpury Heritage Trust in association with Gloucestershire Orchard Trust

Pears of Gloucestershire and Perry Pears of the Three Counties

by Charles Martell (2013)
Volume 1 of the Gloucestershire Pomona series
Description and colour photographs of the varieties in the National collection (209pp + index)
ISBN: 978-0-9927394-0-9
Softback £23.50 Buy Now

Native Apples of Gloucestershire

by Charles Martell (2014)
Volume 3 of the Gloucestershire Pomona series
Description and colour photographs of the varieties in the Gloucestershire collection (242pp + index)
ISBN: 978-0-9927394-1-6
Hardback £43.50
Softback £23.50 Buy Now

Native Plums (Prunus) of Gloucestershire

by Charles Martell (2018)
Volume 4 of the Gloucestershire Pomona Series
Description and colour photographs of most of the Prunus varieties kept at Hunt’s Court, Dymock.
ISBN: 978-0-9927394-4-7
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Orchard related publications:

The Shadow Orchard

by Jim Chapman

This booklet looks at the wild orchard of the woods and hedges – a fascinating insight into a totally original subject. 26 pages illustrated with tree cigarette cards and other items.
Booklet paperback £4.60Buy Now


Memories of Life as an Itinerant

by Martin Hayes (2016)
ISBN: 978-0-9927394-2-3

Drawing on his personal experiences as an itinerant, Martin describes life on the road and work in the field, providing a highly colourful description of a rapidly changing countryside (54pp)
Softback £10.00Buy Now


Orchards – those other industries

by Jim Chapman (2016)
ISBN: 978-0-9927394-3-0

Jim briefly considers how the availability of transport and a market, the mill and press and the development of the glass bottle have supported orchards and affected the choice of fruit grown (pp35)
Softback £8.00Buy Now

Other Heritage publications


Milestones (2003)

ISBN: 0-9538968-3-8

28 page booklet with photos and details of all milestones found on four routes from Gloucester
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Bee Shelter

The Bee Shelter at Hartpury (24 page booklet) of history and restoration
Bee Shelter leaflet
Bee Shelter postcard
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Local history

The Manor at Hartpury
The Dominican Nuns
Explore a corner of north-west Gloucestershire
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Hartpury Orchards

Hartpury Orchard Trail leaflet
Perry Pear leaflet
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Church Guides

Guide book
Churchyard Trail leaflet
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