Fruit Pressing

IT IS ESSENTIAL THAT YOU CONTACT US AND MAKE ARRANGEMENT BEFORE THE SEASON COMMENCES (by the end of August) as the Centre becomes very busy once the fruit is ripe.

 At Hartpury Orchard Centre your fruit, from 100kg to 2000kg can be:

  • fermented
  • bottled
  • pasteurized
  • labelled

Or you can use the onsite equipment (after training) to do it yourself.

Some of the equipment is portable – you can hire to use at home – see Equipment hire.

Contact Mattias (see contact details page) for more information or a quote.

Typical prices

HOC pressing your fruit

  • 50 ltrs minimum £35 to 1000 ltrs £250

For larger quantities only you can press your own fruit at the Centre, after instruction at a daily rate £70.

After use, the equipment must be left clean.

HOC pressing, bottling and pasteurizing your juice:

  • over 50 bottles (75cl): £1.50 per bottle
  • over 200 bottles: £1.20 per bottle
  • over 1000 bottles: 70p per bottle

HOC fermenting your juice (minimum quantity 200 ltrs):

  • 200 ltrs: 75p per litre at end of fermentation
    (200ltrs juice usually yields 185ltrs of cider or perry)
  • Over 500 ltrs: 50p per litre